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Refusal to Print Policy

Revised June 16, 2023. Valid on all Urge Apparel proposals, orders, and transactions, whether in-person or online on our stores.
Our policy aligns with all local, state, and federal regulations within the United States, its territories, and other applicable regions. 
Outside the US? Please ensure that you are compliant with your regional regulations.

Section 1
Derogatory Profanity, Inappropriate/Sexual Art or Text, or Explicit Images

Urge Apparel will not produce any product or item with derogatory profanity (such as racially sensitive words or targeted profanity), inappropriate/sexual art or text (such as pornographic artwork or drawings or suggestive texts that would generate a mental image of such things), or explicit images (showing pornographic, grotesque, or gory content) that may be sensitive to certain audiences, our partners, and brands. Urge Apparel maintains the atmosphere of a family-friendly business, as a one-stop shop for all your apparel and promotional product needs. If you are unsure if your order will contain such content or may be perceived to contain such content, please kindly refrain from ordering such content with us to prevent refusal.

Section 2
Derogatory or Hateful Politicly-Driven Artwork and Text

Urge Apparel will not produce any product or item with derogatory or hateful politicly-driven artwork and text. Phrases such as "Let's Go, Brandon" or artwork depicting derogatory or hateful acts to politicians, government officials, government institutions, or the like will be refused for production by Urge Apparel. Urge Apparel will, however, print political campaign products, as part of a civilized, respectful campaign, as long as the final artwork and/or product will not be used as a derogatory or hateful attack on a government-related individual or organization.

Section 3
Suicidal or Murderous Artwork or Text

Urge Apparel will not produce any product or item with suicidal, murderous, homicidal, or genocidal content, artwork or text. Urge Apparel does not encourage the support or deescalation of such topics to a jocular or comedic level. Suicide, murder, homicide, and genocide are topics restricted only for the purposes of spreading awareness and prevention methods, not encouragement. Please do not submit any artwork or text containing content promoting suicide, murder, or similar actions. Any orders containing such will be immediately cancelled.

Section 4
Copyright- or Trademark-Protected Artwork and Text

Urge Apparel will not without express permission of the original author or creator, develop products or items with copyright- or trademark-protected artwork and text. This also includes content protected by NDA (non-disclosure agreements) or written contracts. If you are unsure of the origin of your artwork, please refrain from submitting it, to prevent infringement. If you want to develop copyright-free (or Creative Commons) content, please check out the following sites:, or Or, if using Google or another search engine, find the setting for Creative Commons or copyright-free search.

Section 5
Artwork or Text Depicting or Describing Support for Domestic or International Terrorism or Trafficking

Urge Apparel will not produce any product or item that depicts or describes support for domestic or international terrorism or trafficking. These types of artwork or text will result in an immediate cancellation of your order or proposal. You will lose access permanently to your account and our platforms and access to placing orders with Urge Apparel in the future. We may contact law enforcement, including but not limited to local police/sheriff's office, the FBI, or DHS (Department of Home Security) regarding the potential threat that your content may pose to domestic and international safety. This section will also apply to any products or items that depicts or describes support for civil unrest.