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Privacy Policy

Revision 5.2.2023 - Urge Apparel Operating Procedures

Urge Apparel is committed to the privacy of your data. All data and files held within the computers and cloud servers of Urge Apparel and its partners and affiliates is kept secure at all times.

  • Urge Apparel will not sell, volunteer, or publish your personal information contained with our CRM softwares and databases. Urge Apparel uses Odoo and InkSoft to retain customer info, which may include your full name, personal or business address, email address, phone number, place of employment, job title, and potentially uploaded profile images on your account.
  • Other information, such as payment information (bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc.) are not retained within Odoo or Inksoft CRMs. Our payment processing services retain your card and/or payment information within their secure servers. Check out their privacy policies here:
    Stripe  FluidPay  Venmo
  • Emails used to communicate with the team members of Urge Apparel are considered to be an unsecured form of communication that should not contain highly-sensitive personal private information such as your SSN, ID number, payment information, bank account information, etc. Information of this nature sent via email will be handled by Urge Apparel with care. The information privacy for our email providers can be found here:
    Microsoft (Outlook) Gmail (Google Suite)