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Large Purchase Terms & Conditions

Urge Apparel welcomes your large purchase of custom apparel and promotional items. To safeguard and protect our business, team members, and fellow clients, Urge Apparel requires that you agree to these terms and conditions regarding a large purchase.

  1. Any transaction amounting to $7,500 USD or greater will be required to complete the Large Purchase Sale Notice & Agreement.
  2. Any transaction amounting to $7,500 USD or greater cannot be placed on a payment plan. Consider a loan or other form of payment, if necessary.
  3. Large purchases will not be refunded in any way. You may, however, request a refund for individual items with defects or imperfections. We will credit your account or reprint the item, whichever you prefer.
  4. Large purchases cannot be stopped once the initial deposit has been completed. All large purchases are subject to 50% or greater deposit required at the time when you approve your proposal. Ordering online on our store will require immediate, up-front payment of the full total, without additional options. Consider contacting us at 352-MY-PRINT if you can only pay a deposit up front.
  5. All transactions, regardless of value, that have any amount left due after 30 days from approval will be subject to a late fee of $25 or 5% (whichever is greater). After 60 days, your transaction will accrue 2.25% in interest per week until the remaining amount has been paid. We will attempt to contact you weekly to receive payment.
  6. All transactions, regardless of value, are subject to Hernando County sales tax with is 6% for the State of Florida and a 0.5% surtax for Hernando County. To make your transaction exempt, please provide your DR-14 from the State of Florida. Florida does not allow the acceptance of out-of-state exemption forms. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  7. Government-issued identification is required to be provided in the Large Purchase Sale Notice & Agreement. When filling out this form, you may use your SSN, state ID, US government ID, tribal ID, military ID, Canadian ID, or US or Canadian passport. Failure to provide this information will result in the denial of your transaction until such identification has been provided and filed.
  8. Your card information will be put on file. We cannot proceed with your transaction without your card information on file. Checks are not accepted for your deposit. A $5 holding charge will be placed on your card once you agree to the proposal and all appropriate paperwork has been completed.

Please print these terms and conditions and the Large Purchase Sale Notice & Agreement, as provided below, with your request for a large transaction.

Terms & Conditions Large Purchase Sale Notice & Agreement