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BYOS (Bring-Your-Own-Shirt) Disclaimer

Urge Apparel accepts customer-provided shirts, as well as other fabric items, for us to press with DMT, sublimation, or vinyl. While we do offer this option to provide freedom to you as you shop for your custom items, we do have limitations and restrictions.

Limitations with Material
Certain materials are not permitted or may be limited for customization by Urge Apparel. If any one of the following criteria are met, Urge Apparel may not press your item:

  • Your item contains a material that melts at the temperature required for your desired transfer type.
    • DMT - 270 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Vinyl - 300 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Sublimation - 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Your item has a texture that the transfer will not adhere to, such a ripples, bumps or other texture.
  • Your item has a material that cannot receive the transfer properly for long-term use, such as plastic, reflective strips, or other non-adherent material.
  • Your item has a restricted material, such as Spandex or leather. 

Please contact us to know if your material will work.

Limitations with Prior Care
The product you are providing has not been pre-washed or washed after purchase. Any treatment by detergent, fabric softener, bleach, or other laundry product can cause your transfer to not adhere to the product. If you are unsure of it's condition, we will not press the shirt, out of an abundance of caution to prevent any issues.

Limitations with Size
The product you are providing may only be printed in a 16" x 20" area. Your design should be within 15.5" x 19.5" to ensure a successful transfer.

By reading this disclaimer, you waive your right to request a reprint from, receive compensation from, or bring suit against Urge Apparel or its affiliates for any imperfections or issues that may arise from a provided material.

Dropping off a material to Urge Apparel? Please fill out the form in the link below, print, and bring in with your material.

Disclaimer Acknowledgement for In-Person Drop Off