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Artwork Policy

Revision 5.2.2023 - Urge Apparel Operating Procedures

Thanks for choosing Urge Apparel. We are committed to making your custom products in a professional, timely manner, with love. All artwork provided and generated by Urge Apparel, Useful LLC, Useful Print, Rendr Creativ, and/or their partners and affiliates are governed by the policies listed here.

  • Urge Apparel serves as a designer-as-a-service company, capable of providing you with a designer to either modify or develop artwork. All modifications, developments, and revisions are provided to you to use again with us or with other companies or partners. We believe that your art is yours. We only charge for the time and materials necessary to get your art to the final stage. Then, it's all yours.
  • Artwork provided to us is never provided to another company without your permission. We will provide your artwork to you, your company, and our printing affiliates, as policies and needs demand, but we will never release your artwork, with regards to intellectual property laws, for any reason without your consent.
  • Artwork provided to Urge Apparel must not contain lewd, traitorous, or libelous text or artwork. We ask that you respect our community of trusted partners and maintain integrity of Urge Apparel, its partners, and its brands.
  • File formats that do not align with our design and printing requirements will most likely be refused. If you need assistance converting, exporting, or developing your artwork in a file format that does align with our requirements, please contact our office at 352-MY-PRINT (697-7468), or email us at
  • Artwork files, or files transmitted to us at any point, should not contain malware or spam software. If either category of data is discovered within your files, we will reach out to receive decontaminated files that will not impact our IT security infrastructure and devices.
  • Dropbox, a site-based cloud storage company, is not affiliated with Urge Apparel. By using Dropbox to send us files, you agree that your files are subject to both the artwork and file policies of Urge Apparel and the terms of use of Dropbox.

We don't contact other companies for your artwork. If your graphic designer and/or your files are outside of your business or Urge Apparel and its affiliates, please contact them directly, as we cannot be responsible for obtaining the correct artwork. Verify that the artwork you requested is correct before sending it.