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green crew neck shirt and gray crew neck shirt

Apparel Decoration Options


Permanent dye with full color spectrum for light polyester substrates only. Full sublimation fore completely custom apparel is available!


Similar to screen printing but with access to the full color spectrum at no extra charge, and with more durability. Lasts 70+ washes.


Adhesive apparel vinyl, limited to two colors and some design limitations with glitter and shiny options. Lasts 50+ washes.

Custom Apparel

Whether you need uniforms for your organization, team, or business, or apparel with custom designs for parties, vacations, and more, we are your premium shirt printing provider! Learn more about fabric materials and what we can print on!

Custom Apparel

Custom Marketing Materials

Your business is growing. Your event needs a boost. Or sometimes you just want a thoughtful custom gift for a friend, colleague, or family member. We've got you covered with a variety of custom promotional and print products, ranging from mugs, magnets, signs, business cards, and so much more!

Custom Marketing Materials

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TesTmnT wear is our Christian line of shirts and apparel, pre decorated and customizable.